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WEAR FORWARD is the Philippines' premier clothing as a service fashion tech startup and social enterprise that champions sustainability, circular fashion, and collaborative consumption.

Wear We Are

Wear We Are


To revolutionize fashion and mindsets and build a proactive, progressive, and purpose-driven community that embraces circular fashion and encourages collaborative consumption through clothing as a serviceβ€”that provides AI-powered circular fashion marketplace and virtual wardrobeβ€”while making profit and improving the planet and lives of the people.


To be the premier clothing as a service fashion tech startup and social enterprise in the world; an inspiration to the people and fashion industry in making relevant positive actions toward clothing issues both consumers and producers face today; and an advocate of the Quadruple Bottom Line of purpose, people, planet, and profit for a sustainable and circular fashion.


To offer significant and sustainable services, products, and projects.

To develop a contributing and satisfied network of collaborators who eliminate and recover textile wastes and unwanted fashion items.

To provide sustainable livelihood programs.

To conduct recycling initiatives.

To develop new textile materials.

To give back to the community together with the collaborators.

Our Goals

trained and being supported by 2024

and tracking of the Philippine fashion industry's carbon footprint by 2026

and 80% clothing utilization increase by 2031

in the Philippines and the world

Our Circular Mark

Circular Mark
ring of circular mark

Our circular mark shows 3 people (community) sharing clothes and wearing them forward (collaborative consumption) among each other in a closed loop (circular fashion).

dots of circular mark

The 3 CIRCLES represent...

πŸ“ Our core values (3Cs) – circular fashion, collaborative consumption, community.

πŸ“ 3 circular economy principles – design out waste and pollution, keep materials and products in use, and regenerate natural systems.

πŸ“ 3 key stakeholders who need to act together for a systematic change – producers, consumers, and the government.

πŸ“ Our guiding principle, Quadruple Bottom Line Framework (4Ps) – people, planet, and profit with the whole being purpose.

lines of circular mark

The 3 STYLES OF LINESβ€”dotted line (D), broken line (B), and line (C)β€”represent...

πŸ“ A circular fashion system - eliminating and restoring textile wastes (D), creating products with their end of use in mind (B), and reinventing how we use and reuse textiles for longer lifespans and utilization (C).

πŸ“ The different stages textiles undergo in the supply and value chains:

Β  πŸ”– units of textiles: fibers (D), yarns (B), and fabrics (C)

Β  πŸ”– processes : take raw materials, go back as raw materials, or textile wastes (D), make clothes and other textiles, refashion, or recycle (B), and consumption or reconsumption (C).

πŸ“ Stages in awareness and behavioral change: no to low-level knowledge, action, and practice (D), average-level knowledge, action, and practice (B), and high-level knowledge, action, and practice (C).

smile of circular mark

Oh! Have you noticed the smiley at the bottom part? πŸ™‚ A happy face for happy communities, happy stakeholders, and a happy planet!

letter of circular mark

...and of course, the W means Wear Forward! πŸ”΄

The Circle

The Circle
Meet The Circle

Wear Forward today, wear it forward tomorrow!